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Non-Financial Information

The following contains the key non-financial information of TOUCH Community Services, as stipulated by the Ministry of Finance.

TOUCH Community Services Limited

Name of Contact Person : Terry Lim
Telephone Number: (65) 6377 0122
Fax No: (65) 6377 0121
Email Address: tcs@touch.org.sg
Web-site Address: www.touch.org.sg
Address: Blk 162 Bukit Merah Central #05-3545, Singapore 150162 
GST Registration Number: 200104673R

Charity Status for TOUCH Community Services

Charity Reg. No.: 01555
Charity Reg. Date: 4 March 2002
Co. Reg No.: 200104673R 
Date of Incorporation: 16 July 2001
IPC Status: Yes
(A member of NCSS Central Fund)

The work of TOUCH started in 1986. TOUCH was officially registered in 18 September 1992.

Board of Directors 

    Chairman : Lawrence Khong Kin Hoong
    Directors : Cheng Huey Teng / Daniel Goh Choon Wah / Kenneth AuYong / Kuok Lay Hoon / Kwong Kin Mun / Peh Lai Gek / Robert Chew / 
    Seow Soo Keng Eugene / Tay Chin Kwang / Wan Siu Khuan

    Key Personnel 

      Chief Executive Officer : James Tan Kim Yew
      Chief Operating Officer : Leong Lai Cheng 
      Auditor : Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton LLP 


      1. Family Centred & Generational Focused 
      2. From Engaged Persons to Enabled Communities
      3. Integrated and Holistic Services
      4. Community Based - accessible, affordable, appropriate and available. 
      5. People, Program, Place - Our Priority
      6. Towards Evidence Based Practice 
      7. Transformational Advocacy