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Corporate Partners

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The success of TOUCH’s work in the community is very much dependent on the support we get from our various stakeholders. At TOUCH, our corporate partners have played a vital role in helping us to help the less fortunate in our society. Whether it’s through monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or volunteering, we appreciate each and every corporate partner that extends a hand to us.   We understand that every corporation involved in corporate social responsibility wish to achieve its social responsibility goals as well as create a positive volunteering experience for its employees. Therefore, we customise partnerships to meet the goals of our corporate partners, while also fulfilling our objective of meeting our clients’ needs and improving their quality of life.

How you can participate

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Employee Engagement

At TOUCH, we believe it is important that organisations provide opportunities for their employees to be in charge of their company's corporate social responsibility initiatives. This is why we offer the platform for employees of various companies to work in partnership with us, and lead their own charity efforts and projects that support the clients of TOUCH.

Employees of Rockwell Automation have sustained a long-term partnership with TOUCH by actively organising programmes for our clients. Click here to learn more about their employees' involvement with TOUCH over the years.

If you are interested to have your employees organise a fundraising or volunteering project for our clients, please contact partners@touch.org.sg .

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Company Engagement

Each year, TOUCH organises a plethora of events to raise funds for our beneficiaries. Your organisation can offer your support to TOUCH by coming on board as one of our event partners or sponsors.

We welcome your company to join us as an event partner or sponsor in the following ways:

- Offering your creative skills
TOUCH Charity Ball was managed pro-bono by Heaven’s Gift, a renowned gala and special planner in Singapore, who helped to bring together a team of industry experts consisting of stage designers, flower suppliers, audio visual specialists and more.

- Sponsorship of products
Steward's Solution, a leading kitchen solutions company in its industry, supported Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 by supplying the participating hawkers with their booths and all kitchen appliances.

To join us as our partner or sponsor for our upcoming events, please email us at partners@touch.org.sg.