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Our Services


Children Services

At TOUCH, we believe that every child deserves a chance to fulfil their highest potential. We are committed to helping children to do just that. By reaching out to children from as young as two years old; primary school children; children with at-risk profiles at the schools; and children from needy and disadvantaged backgrounds from the neighbourhood, TOUCH is able to connect with the children and their families, to help them meet their needs.


Youth Services

Youths are the leaders of today! Bursting with drive and enthusiasm, they can be challenged for greatness. We help them stretch their limits, unleash their energies and realise their potential to make a positive impact in society. At TOUCH, we speak the youth language to connect with this generation. We also recognise the numerous challenges that youths are facing today, and aim to equip them with essential skills and qualities necessary for them to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Family Services

At TOUCH, we firmly believe that the family unit is the core foundation of a society. Our mission is to establish and provide family-based services and programmes to build strong and fulfiling families, and to promote the well-being of individuals and families in need. We aim to provide a holistic integrated service to serve the needs of every person and family at every stage of their lives.


Elderly Services

TOUCH honours the seniors in our midst. At TOUCH, we provide a community of care to this treasured group of people. Besides offering an affirmative environment for seniors to spend their time meaningfully, we are also committed to provide the highest standard of care for our frail and home-bound elderly clients.


Special Needs Services

People with special needs are sometimes misunderstood by society, and often face challenges in gaining independence and integration in the community. At TOUCH, we hope to empower those with special needs to be independent and believe that they too have the potential to achieve great things.


Healthcare Support Services

Coping with a chronic health condition is not only physically demanding, but can also be stressful emotionally and financially. TOUCH provides support and care for people with healthcare needs through support groups, befriending services as well as various programmes and activities that encourage them to live courageously and live well in the community. 


TOUCH International

TOUCH International (TI) was set up in 1999 to facilitate the delivery of crisis relief and community development services to communities outside of Singapore. We partner closely with local authorities and organisations of various countries in the areas of child adoption, volunteer engagement, community development and humanitarian and crisis relief.