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TOUCH Family Life Education


5 Stadium Walk
Leisure Park Kallang
#04-05/06 Singapore 397693
Tel: 6709 8400 Fax: 6709 8401

TOUCH Family Life Education* is a service under TOUCH Family Services, an affiliate of TOUCH Community Services. 
  • Strengthening families through marriage and parenting workshops

In today's fast-paced society, the pressure of work and making ends meet may inevitably lead to tension in the family. At TOUCH Family Life Education*, we reach out to individuals and families in distress or in need.

As part of our mission to see families strengthened, we conduct regular family life education talks, workshops and courses. These aim to enrich and equip individuals in the area of interpersonal relationships, parenting skills, as well as marriage preparation and enrichment.

Through our commitment as a Family Life Ambassador, TOUCH Community Services also offers ongoing Family Life Education (FLE) programmes for educational institutions, corporations as well as grassroots/interest groups.

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