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TOUCH Application Form

  • 1 General Information
  • 2 Personal Particulars
  • 3 Education Background
  • 4 Employment History
  • 5 Step 5
  • 6 Step 6
  • 7 Step 7
  • 8 Step 8

1. General Information

Please indicate where you came to know about the position being applied for:

2. Personal Particulars

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3. Education Background & Other Relevant Qualifications / Courses

Level: Primary

Did you graduate?

Level: Secondary

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Level: Vocation / Tertiary

Did you graduate?

Level: College

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(Please state languages including dialect and proficiency level i.e. excellent, food, fair, poor)

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4. Employment History

(Please list in chronological order.)

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5. Family Background

1. (side note to developers: this section to x7)
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6. Activities

(list activities/offices held, including professional membership, public, civic activities and hobbies)

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7. Character Referees

(Name 2 persons who are not your relatives)

May we write to the following for a reference?
(a) Your present employer
(b) Your previous employer(s)
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8. Other Information

(a) Have you served notice to your present employer?
(b) Are you bound by any bond to serve the government, or any organisation?
(c) Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any country?
(d) Have you ever been dismissed or suspended from the service of any employer?
(e) Are you bankrupt or a discharged bankrupt?
(f) Are you in debt?
(g) Do you or have you ever suffered from any serious illnesses, accident or injury?
(h) Do you have other sources of income besides your salary?
(i) Do you
(j) Do you have any relatives / acquaintances in TOUCH Community Services Limited or its affiliated companies?
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By submitting this form, it is deemed that:

  1. I warrant and represent to TOUCH Community Services Limited ("TCSL") that all information I have disclosed herein true, complete, accurate in all aspects, and not misleading in any aspect. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission made in the information I have provided herein will result in TCSL refusing to process my application or my dismissal in case of my eventual employment with TCSL.
  2. I understand that commencement of employment is subject to my successful completion of a medical examination and I undertake to attend such medical examination as required by TCSL. I further consent to the said medical institution's release of my examination results to TCSL for the purposes of my application.
  3. I hereby consent to TCSL' collection, retention, and use of my personal data as contained in this form for the purpose of evaluating my suitability for any position with TCSL. I furthermore hereby consent to TCSL collecting my personal data from any third party for the purpose of the said evaluation and authorise any third party to disclose my personal data to TCSL.