Personal Growth Programme (PGP)

Aside from parenting/marriage related programmes, TFL offers workshops on the following topics to strengthen each individual at work or at home: work-life integration, personality profiling, interpersonal skills, stress and anger management, and conflict management.

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Corporate Engagement

To help employees cope with stress of work, attain a balance in life and grow in personal effectiveness thus achieving high performance, TFL offers a series of personal growth programmes.
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To meet the needs of families and the community at large, Families for Life has introduced a new initiative, called FAMILY 365, to support and promote family life in the community and workplaces. The conduct of the programme is free of charge and covers the speakers’ fees as well as materials. TOUCH Family Services (TFS) is appointed as one of the vendors for FAMILY 365.
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TFLE also conducts marriage enrichment programmes that allow flexibility according to the needs of the organization.

If you are keen to know how to bring in these programmes for your organization, please feel free to call us at 6709 8400 or email [email protected].