TOUCH Youth Intervention (TYI) aims to empower youths to reach their full potential and achieve their emotional and relational wellbeing. It achieves this through youth-oriented, systemic and values-driven counselling approaches in both individual and group settings, which are supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Its area of focus are cyber wellness, mental health and youth issues.

Our team of qualified counsellors and social workers help youths and their families address cyber wellness issues through intervention methods such as:

  • Assessment
  • Face to face
  • Support Groups 
  • Family Therapy

TYI runs Help123, the National Cyber Wellness one-stop service for youth cyber wellness issues. Youths, parents, educators and schools may reach out to TYI counsellors via email ([email protected]) or hotline (1800 6123123).

Some programmes conducted by TYI include:

  • LIT Program / Camp LIT
  • interSACT: An unconventional buddy system connecting youths with senior citizens: helping youths of this generation build social skills.
  • SPARKX: Programme targeting children aged 9-12, identified with behavioural issues & adverse circumstances.
  • DigitalMINDSET: An intervention programme targeting youths with excessive device use and poor emotion regulation

About LIT Programme, interSACT, SPARKX and DigitalMINDSET.

LIT Programme:

LIT” is an acronym for Leverage, Ideals, and Tools. This intervention programme targets youths aged 13 to 17 with the following issues:

  • Identified as troubled / delinquent
  • Behavioural issues (truancy, defiance, gang involvement, etc.)
  • Troubled family issues (absent/ abusive parent(s), volatile family environment, etc.)
  • No drug issue (excluding smoking/ vaping)

This 12-month programme has a four-pronged strategy which includes assessment, camp LIT, TYI’s evidence-based approach and casework management (through mentoring and therapy sessions).

The programme aims to reduce delinquent behaviours, build relational capacities and diminish under-achievement in youths by increasing their socio-emotional assets.


InterSACt is an intergenerational buddy programme for seniors and youths as they connect and learn life lessons from each other.

The programme is a meaningful experience facilitated by adult volunteers between seniors and youths to fulfil objectives such as:

  • Providing the seniors an opportunity to be meaningfully engaged in the community by befriending youths and positively impacting the next generation.
  • Fostering an exchange of perspective and reflections on life issues like gratitude, regret, or family, through meaningful and intentional conversations.
  • Creating opportunities for youths to appreciate the insights of the life experiences of the generation before them, and for the seniors to understand the perspectives of the new generation.
  • Introducing youths to positive adult figures whom they may model after.
  • Empowering our beneficiaries (both seniors and youths) to be significant contributors to society.


The programme aims to increase protective factors that prevents children from engaging in delinquency behaviours in adolescence, through:

  • Improve Self-Management by strengthening child’s potential in resiliency, self-efficacy, emotion regulation, social competency, and education aspiration
  • Improve Family Relationship by increasing family bonding opportunities, conducting family therapy sessions and parenting workshops.
  • Improve School Bonding by exploring child’s education aspiration, enhance academic potential, and broaden child’s engagement in school activities.



DigitalMINDSET is a nine-month programme for youths aged 12-21 who have developed mental health issues from excessive gaming and device use and resulted in:

  • School work suffered
  • Escapism behaviour
  • Risk of relapse due to poor self-management
  • Unusually high levels of gaming-related occupation & investment that affects daily functioning (May also be reflected in abnormal levels of irritability/ restlessness when not gaming.)
  • Poor emotional issues (anger, depressive symptoms) due to lack of screen time

The programme’s holistic approach not only comprises one-to-one and family counselling sessions, but also group therapy sessions that include activities such as behavioural and personality profiling.

It aims to:

  • Cultivate consequential-thinking
  • Facilitate problem-awareness
  • Motivate youths to seek a holistic balance with various aspects of life
  • Facilitate positive interaction patterns between parent/s and child
  • Equip emotional regulation, stress-coping & distress tolerance skills

1,386 lives touched in 2019

A new intervention programme, DigitalMINDSET, was launched to help pathological gamers manage their addictive behaviour while keeping their mental health in check.

With the support of Tote Board, TYI launched SPARKX, an intervention programme for children with identified behavioural issues, raised in disadvantaged circumstances.

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