Enjoying the fullness of life

Enjoying the fullness of life

Caption: Senior Physiotherapist Ms Emmeline Gay (left) with Mdm Christina Khan (right)

“Emmeline is like a friend to me. She’s more than my therapist. She’s my counsellor and mentor. For this, I am grateful."
...Mdm Christina Khan

When Mdm Christina Khan, 81, a sprightly senior, suffered a bad fall two years ago, it was the lowest point in her life. She fractured her left knee and could not walk. Suddenly, she found herself helpless and alone.

“I am by nature a very active person. I cannot keep still. I will go out, meet friends and practise line dancing a few times a week. Imagine how I felt when all these came to a standstill. I did not know what to expect,” said Christina, who is single and lives alone in a two-room flat in Yishun.

Not losing hope
After spending a month in a hospital, Christina was referred to TOUCH Home Care (THC) to undergo rehabilitation with support from THC’s Senior Physiotherapist Ms Emmeline Gay. Christina could only exercise on her bed as she was not ready to put her full weight on her injured feet. However, during the circuit breaker, her sessions were interrupted.

Caption: Mdm Khan attending a Telerehab session via WhatsApp video call at home


Caption: Mdm Khan receiving guidance from physiotherapist Ms Emmeline Gay in the comfort of her home

“When Covid struck, I felt anxious and miserable. I was worried my recovery would be affected. I would rather go for another operation to make me walk again than to spend the rest of my life in this state,” added Christina.

Emmeline then encouraged Christina to try out Telerehab via WhatsApp video calls. She patiently taught her how to pick up a video call and shared tips on where to stand and place her handphone to capture better angles. She was prescribed exercises after taking safety issues and the home environment into account. Gradually, Christina became more confident in using Telerehab and showed improvement.


Caption: As a physiotherapist, Ms Emmeline Gay finds joy in empowering her clients to regain their mobility and independence to lead dignified lives

“Our seniors are resilient. Once they are set on achieving their goals, they will be motivated. For Christina, she wants to dance again and tries her best to achieve that. As I journey with her, she feels a great sense of accomplishment as she learns something new,” said Ms Emmeline Gay.

Christina now leads a fulfilling life as she resumes her dancing classes and does things she enjoys. Even though Christina has completed her therapy sessions, she still keeps in touch with Emmeline and updates her about her life.

“Emmeline is like a friend to me. She’s more than my therapist. She’s my counsellor and mentor. For this, I am grateful,” said Christina.

For more information on TOUCH’s therapy services, please call TOUCH Care Line at 6804 6555 from Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm.