A comfortable ride

Elderly Group

A comfortable ride

Caption: Jaswan (right) with THC client Mr Tan Peng Kim (left) and medical escort Ms Jennifer Tan (middle)

Jaswan is more than a driver. He is a friend to TOUCH’s seniors, who rely on TOUCH Home Care’s (THC) Medical Escort and Transport (MET) service to ferry them safely for their medical appointments, rain or shine. The 68-year-old driver is always alert and attentive to the needs of his passengers.

Jaswan is sometimes assisted by a medical escort, who will accompany the frailer elderly. In times of manpower shortage, he would double up as both the driver and medical escort.

His job also requires him to think on his feet as he has to manage sudden changes in road conditions resulting in traffic jams and a delayed schedule. Despite the challenges, he delivers his service with a smile.

“It is my privilege to serve the elderly. I treat them like my parents – with respect. I am like their friend who hears their worries, feels their pain and shares their joy,” said Jaswan.

Jaswan final
Caption: Since joining THC in 2014, Jaswan has reached out to many seniors.

A warm smile
Whenever Jaswan sees someone who is sad and lonely, he would do his best to uplift their spirits. For example, one of his elderly clients requested to remain in the van throughout the journey. She did not want to go home. She would stare curiously at the new landmarks on route to the hospital, immersed in her own world. Jaswan had to tactfully explain to her why she needed to go home.

“I make an effort to lend a listening ear. I may be the only person the elderly have spoken to in a long while. When I speak to my Chinese elderly in simple Hokkien or Mandarin, they are so happy. It helps me break the ice and get to know them better,“ said Jaswan.

"When I see happy passengers, I feel happy too. These elderly tend to be more chatty," he added with a smile.

Jaswan final 3
Caption: Ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for his elderly passengers

Think positive
Jaswan has a soft spot for those who suffer from terminal illness. He always tries his best to encourage them to think of positive things in life and fill their mind with happy memories. Knowing what to say to a cancer patient, who feels there is no point in seeing the doctor when the prognosis is grim, requires wisdom and tact. Jaswan has come to realise the elderly have simple wishes in life. They just want to be happy.

“I tell them not to worry so much and to take things one step at a time,” said Jaswan.

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