Friendly help

Friendly help
Caption: Mdm Fong (left) now helps to take care of Mdm Lee (right)

76-year-old Mdm Fong Kian Kye and 88-year-old Mdm Lee Hong Eng are best friends. They would always participate in activities at TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) in Geylang Bahru and never fail to keep a look out for each other.

Mdm Fong suffers from Arthritis, high cholesterol and hypertension. Mdm Lee has diabetes, a heart condition, high cholesterol and mild cognitive impairment. Both seniors have mobility challenges. Mdm Fong depends on a trolley to support herself while Mdm Lee uses a walking stick to move around.

Mdm Fong’s years of caring for her husband had taken a toll on her physical and mental well-being until he passed on several years ago. Despite the hardships endured in life and estrangement from her daughter, Mdm Fong tries to embrace life with positivity. During this period, Mdm Lee would accompany her for medical appointments, ran errands and cooked meals daily to share with her.

Lending a helping hand
Caption: Journeying together in their twilight years – Mdm Fong (left) and Mdm Lee (right)

Caption: The seniors interacting with SAC staff at a nearby park
Caption: TSAC staff Mr Richard Chia (middle) helps to support the needs of the seniors.

Two years ago, Mdm Lee’s health deteriorated. Sometimes she had difficulty getting out of bed. Seeing her best friend in distress, Mdm Fong did what she could to help her. She ran errands, bought groceries, washed her clothes, and prepared morning coffee and daily meals.

TOUCH also supports the seniors by checking their vital signs and accompanying them for their medical appointments. The seniors were also taught how to take care of their health. SAC staff also monitor their well-being regularly and encourage them to continue taking part in the centre’s activities. The seniors also receive support from neighbours and friends in the neighbourhood.

TOUCH continues to support and empower vulnerable seniors like Mdm Fong and Mdm Lee, to help them age well in the community they are familiar with.