Refund Policy

As a charity, TOUCH relies on donations to serve almost 200,000 lives through our services. Donations received are quickly utilised and applied to TOUCH’s initiatives, as the needs of our beneficiaries are immense. 

TOUCH may, at its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax deduction receipt has been issued. Refunds may be granted at TOUCH’s discretion. 

TOUCH reserves the right to apply a fee for the refund before it is is effected in order to cover the transactional costs of the refund. Please contact us within 3 working days from the date of your donation.  

As donations received may already be utilised, TOUCH will not be able to refund any donations further than past one month in all situations.  

TOUCH reserves all rights to request for additional personal particulars and transaction information as and when required to authenticate the refund request. 

Refund requests can be made in writing by completing our online form.

Unauthorised Card Use 

If you are aware of fraudulent/unauthorised use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, please notify your card provider.  

I agree that by filling this form, TOUCH can use my personal information for donation-related and communication purposes.