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Iconic Singapore scenes, built with LEGO® parts

By Jennifer to support TOUCH 25th Anniversary


Do you love uniquely Singapore memorabilia? Here’s your chance to collect commemorative memorabilia of iconic Singapore scenes, built with LEGO® parts!

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, TOUCH Community Services has specially commissioned these limited edition commemorative sets, using LEGO® parts. Only 500 sets comprising three different designs are available!

With every donation of $350 or more, you will receive one full set (comprising ALL THREE designs) in appreciation of your support. All 500 sets will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis, and while stocks last. Through this campaign, we aim to raise $200,000 to serve some 28,000 TOUCH beneficiaries and 156,000 service users. Donations go towards the services of TOUCH in improving the lives of the needy and disadvantaged.

Each commemorative set comes with separate LEGO® parts that you can assemble into photo frames with three familiar local scenes - ‘The Playground’, ‘The Void Deck’ and ‘The Mama Shop’, designed in line with TOUCH Vision 2030: Strong Families • Caring Generations • Enabled Communities.

The three designs come in packs of separate bricks and six mini figurines, placed in a box with instructions on how to assemble them.




Acrylic holders are also provided for you to place your favourite photos.

Dimensions: 127mm (Length) x 63mm (Breadth) x 195mm (Height of Acrylic frame).

When the three sets are placed together, the combined length would be 381mm.

Complete Lego Set_cropped

Like the many bricks that are pieced together to form iconic and familiar structures in our neighbourhoods, each and every one of us plays an integral role in the community. When we come together as One Community with our talents and experiences as a form of support for those in need, we can make Singapore a better place for us and our future generations.

Thank you for being a pillar of support and for journeying with us for the past 25 years. Here’s to many more good years ahead!

Please type "350" (or any number more than 350) in the space (with SG$) just above the red "Donate Now" button. Please also type your mailing address in the donation form which will appear after you click "Donate Now". To do so, uncheck the option 'I do not need a printed tax-deduction receipt'. Your mailing address and contact number collected will be used to facilitate the delivery of the commemorative sets.

In appreciation of your donation, one commemorative set (of three designs) will be given per donation of $350 or more - on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last. The commemorative sets are not for sale.


My Little World products are made from original LEGO® products. However, they are not endorsed, supported or associated with The Lego Group.


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Donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.