Our Client Stories

Mr Ho Ah Tat

Diabetes may have robbed 72-year-old Mr Ho Ah Tat of two of his limbs, but not his will to live independently. Several years ago, Mr Ho suffered severe diabetes-related infections and had to amputate his left leg and right forearm to save his life.

“When I lost my limbs, I was very worried as I did not know what would happen to me. Would I be able to look after myself? Who will take care of me?” said Mr Ho.

Fortunately, Mr Ho, or Uncle Ho, as he is known by TOUCH staff, received professional care from the staff of TOUCH Home Care (THC)’s nursing team and TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) at Geylang Bahru. THC’s nurses treated his wounds, monitored his blood sugar and managed his medicine and insulin level, while TSAC staff helped him with his official letters and applied for Public Assistance. Senior befrienders also checked in on him regularly to encourage him and made sure that his needs were met.

Today, with the support of TOUCH and his friends at TSAC, Uncle Ho is living independently and happily in the community.

Mdm Sumam

83-year-old Mdm Sumam is single and is hard of hearing. She lives by herself. Mdm Sumam enjoys leading an active lifestyle and often takes part in outdoor activities. She takes pride in her ability to be independent – cooking her own meals, doing laundry, and taking public transport. However, it is not always easy for her to do things alone.

Last year, Mdm Sumam fell from her bed and sustained a fracture on her left arm. She managed to get help from the staff of TOUCH who rushed her to the hospital, but the road to recovery has not been easy. With the support of resident volunteers who would accompany her for therapy, Mdm Sumam started undergoing rehabilitation at [email protected] 433’s Day Rehabilitation Centre. She also received help to prepare her meals, keep her home clean, and go to the hospital for medical appointments.

The continued support of the community is fundamental to help seniors like Mdm Sumam to stay connected and build independence for their daily living.

Mr Roslan

Mr Roslan, 53, is the sole breadwinner of his family and has three children, 13, 12 and five years old. Due to a work accident that resulted in serious back injuries and limited mobility, Mr Roslan is unable to work and provide for his family since early 2020. He wants to get back to work quickly and has been going for physiotherapy sessions to strengthen his mobility. Apart from focusing on his recovery, Mr Roslan has to care for his three children, especially his five-year-old, who is diagnosed with autism.

The aid he received helps with the consultation costs for his child, but the frequency of his visits has been taxing for Mr Roslan. He really hopes to get well soon so that he can return to the workforce and provide for his family. Mr Roslan plans on upgrading his skillsets during this period to increase his chances of finding a job.