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Waterfall by Grace Lim

Waterfall by Grace Lim

$800.00 (incl GST)
Grace is diagnosed with intellectual disability. 

She used to be shy and quiet but has gradually become more confident and expressive. In her free time, Grace likes to window shop.  At the Centre, she enjoys various classes such as Mobility Training and art lessons. Grace has displayed an interest in Visual Arts and was given the opportunity to hone her artistic skills under the tutelage of local artists and art professionals.

Besides developing her artistic talent at TOUCH SpecialCrafts, an art platform under the TOUCH Centre for Independent Living. Grace also receives training in daily living skills at this day activity centre. 

Type of Artwork: Acrylic on paper
Dimensions of Artwork: 43cm x 55cm

Each artwork is priced at $800, and 250% tax deduction is applicable on the price difference of the artwork’s selling price and value. This amounts to a tax deductible amount of $1,375.

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Waterfall by Grace Lim