Residents who are healthy and happy can be upskilled and equipped to support other residents, particularly vulnerable seniors. From providing administrative or logistical support, to delivering bread to needy neighbours to befriending frail seniors to raising awareness as health advocates, residents are now more confident to offer a smile or lend a helping hand.


Photo Caption: Volunteers Mdm Ng Ah Kia, 70 (left) with Mdm Hoi Gek Lin, 81 (right)

“Our time is spent meaningfully helping others. I am glad I can play a part in taking care of the older residents by partnering them to deliver bread to needy seniors in my neighbourhood.” …Mdm Ng Ah Kia, 70

“It is good for me to move around when I deliver bread. When I see other seniors who are frail, it reminds me to take care of myself. I am glad to have my neighbours volunteering with me.” …Mdm Hoi Gek Lin, 80