TOUCH Adventures (TA) aims to promote character development, personal growth, family and community bonding through adventure-based learning in wholesome, safe and fun activities to impact youths and adults.
TA believes that everyone can be challenged for greatness.

TA advocates for experiential learning and incorporates enjoyable activities in workshops and lessons for both children and adults. Through structured adventure-based activities, participants will stretch their limits, learn and apply values such as teamwork and leadership, and be agents of change.

TA’s programmes are centred on four key domains:

  1. Adventure-based camps
  2. Adventure Learning programmes
  3. Adventure Sports programmes
  4. Team Development programmes

TOUCH Integrated Family Group (TIFG) aims to equip families with resources to face multi-faceted issues at different life stages. TIFG focuses on providing Resources to equip families to cope with different stressors, enabling families to strengthen Roles in transitions, and empower families to build Resilience. This is done through an integrated suite of services to support the family as a unit, with emphasis on education, intervention and advocacy.

 7,407 lives touched in 2019

90% positive feedback about TOUCH Adventure’s adventure-based learning programmes in 2019

TOUCH Adventures
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