TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL) is a day activity centre which offers competence-based training programmes for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

It aims to provide them with functional knowledge and skills that will equip them to live independently in the community. The client-focused training programmes teach daily living (personal and social), as well as pre-employment skills to the trainees using a Mediated Learning Experience approach. Enrichment programmes such as visual arts, sports and recreational activities are conducted to improve trainees’ quality of life.



TCIL also runs the TOUCH SpecialCrafts programme which uses visual art as an alternative way to bridge learning for persons with intellectual disability. TOUCH SpecialCraft trainees produce works of commercial value which are sold through JOURNEY.
JOURNEY is a Singapore brand that represents the creative talents of people with intellectual disabilities. Through this platform, the artworks of over 60 special needs artists from TOUCH are recognised and shared with a wider public as well as corporate bodies. Through JOURNEY, these artists can earn an income from the sale of their art and gain access to opportunities for collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity. Find out more on how you can journey with us at

174 lives touched in 2021

Piloted Project Upskill, a programme which aims to provide a training platform and work experience programme for persons with intellectual disabilities. 36 trainees from TCIL (Ubi) and TCIL (Bukit Merah) clocked a combined total of 7,217 supervised training hours over 20 to 32 weeks to prepare them for open employment. 

65 special artists were enabled to earn an income through JOURNEY.

TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (Ubi)
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TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (Bukit Merah)
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