Assembly Talk | Cybertales of Pancake Primary
Children learn to overcome sticky situations on their cyber adventures.

The Cybertales of Pancake Primary (CPP) is a series of interactive techno dramas which features the lives of four primary school children who found themselves caught in sticky situations on the Internet. Through the episodes, students will see the choices the characters make and learn from the consequences of those decisions. Our Cyber Wellness Coach will facilitate the session and help the students better understand the importance of making the right choices, both online and offline. 


“I would like to thank the coach for conducting an excellent assembly talk on cyber wellness to our pupils yesterday.  It was very well received by pupils and teachers. My school leaders and teachers commented that the coach has done a very good job engaging the pupils and they have learnt a lot from both topics on cyberbullying and netiquette.  The coach used simple language which the pupils could understand, and the messages and videos were very effective in delivering the learning objectives of the talks.  Once again, thank you for the great job.”

-Primary School Teacher

Classroom Workshop | CRuSHKidz.
Inoculate our children against cyberspace risks!

How can I effectively introduce cyber wellness values to young children and preadolescents?”

Children are engaged through fun activities to explore the potential of the Internet, as well as the dangers lurking online. In turn, they will be taught internet savviness while exploring the Internet.

Developed mainly for young children who may not have the necessary home environment to inculcate sound cyber wellness values, CRuSHKidz aims to educate young children on Internet risks, and encourage safe online behaviour.


Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme

Students who opt to be, or are chosen to become Cyber Wellness Ambassadors in their schools can sometimes be unaware of  how they can promote awareness of cyber wellness issues and values amongst their peers, as well as in instill a positive cyber culture within their schools. Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme (CWAP) aims to clarify the students’ roles, imbue in them the necessary knowledge and skills, and thereafter empower them to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities in their schools. As each programme is tailored according to the students’ potential and competency,  students can be assured of an appropriate level of skill training and mentoring best suited for them.


Cyber Wellness E-trail

The TOUCH Cyber Wellness E-trail is an extended platform to impart sound online practices to students. Through station activities and the use of iPads and tablets, students will experience different online cultures and practices, and get to reflect on their own online behaviour.

This E-trail may be used as a post-programme reflection tool to complement our cyber wellness classroom (CRuSHKidz) and/or ambassadors programme (CWAP). The Cyber Wellness E-trail is highly customisable and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school.

Themes Available:
  1. Dangers of Online Strangers
  2. Being Responsible Online (Netiquette)
  3. Discerning Online Information
  4. Handling Inappropriate Content Online
  5. Having a Balanced Lifestyle


Target Audience: 

Recommended for Primary 4 – 6* Students
*The Cyber Wellness E-trail is more suitable for older students as it is 
a self-directed learning programme

Facilities Required:

iPads to be provided by the school 
(If required, iPad rental is chargeable, subject to availability)
Classrooms / School Hall or Foyer for station activity set-up 

Recommended Duration: 

30 minutes per session

Mentoring Programme | The EXPerience

The Experience (EXP) is a cyber wellness mentoring group designed for young people to discover a positive self-identity and develop exceptional habits to excel in life. Youths will be empowered to build upon their strengths and strive towards healthy character formation. Through meaningful activities held in a supervised environment built around an encouraging community, youths will acquire important life skills imparted through facilitation by their mentors.


Holiday Enrichment Programme | The EXPansive EXPerience

The EXPansive EXPerience (EXP²) is a cyber wellness enrichment programme designed for young people to embark on a fun journey of learning and self-discovery. At TOUCH Cyber Wellness, we believe that a healthy self-identity is paramount to an adolescent's growth and development. Our experienced trainers will encourage participants to build a healthy appreciation of self and be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Through this programme, we believe that youths will be encouraged not only to work on improving their weaknesses, but also enhancing their strengths. In addition, youths will be exposed to alternative activities outside the virtual world which include outdoor structured sports and other stimulating challenges.

From these curated experiences, youths will acquire life lessons, and participate in mentor-facilitated small group discussions with other participants