Giving Back To The Community By Making A Difference

TOUCH Young Arrows

Giving Back To The Community By Making A Difference

At the age of 13, Farhan Lestaluhu Bin Awar Lestaluhu retuned back to volunteer at TOUCH Young Arrows(TYA) after being greatly impacted by his own club leaders. He contributes to the young children’s well-being and development by providing weekly English and Mathematics tuition and has been a camp facilitator for TYA’s annual Survival Camp for the last five years!

Today, Farhan is 18 years old and still loves the idea of being able to bring smiles to the faces of these children through his simple acts of service.

Farhan joined TYA in Primary 5 when the TYA Hougang club was just opened in 2008. He enjoyed the plenitude of activities offered to him and the other children and looked forward to the weekly club sessions where he was mentored by his club leaders.

At that young age, he was filled with gratitude for the volunteers who were immensely dedicated to bringing light into his and the other needy children’s lives.

“Back when I was a child under TYA, I believe the love and support I received helped me grow stronger emotionally and helped build up my character. Thus, I came back as a volunteer to pass on the love and also help impact the lives of the children under TYA's care,” says Farhan.

Despite the busy schedule of a secondary school student, Farhan still returns to TYA faithfully every week to coach the children in English and Mathematics and also engage in activities like games and arts and crafts with them. Farhan has also been actively involved in planning and facilitating TYA camps for the past five years. He was proud to emcee this year’s TYA Games Day with another volunteer.

Being a very sociable person since young, Farhan enjoys interacting with people from other clubs during TYA events. With his outgoing personality, he is able to reach out to various children with divergent characters. 

Farhan strongly believes that his involvement in the development of the children will help him to grow as a better person.  While he may occasionally face difficulties when the children are unreceptive or refuse to open up, Farhan sees these challenges as opportunities to change his usual methods and adopt different approaches to establish a relationship with the children.

"Farhan's energy and enthusiasm always brings vibrance to club. Despite his busy school schedule, he makes time to serve during the weekly sessions, events and camps. Being a natural leader, he takes the initiative to conduct segments and also instill discipline. The children look up to him as a role model and he is definitely a positive influence to the children,” said Ms Ng Jie Ying, Club Leader of TYA Hougang.