Ageing Well At Home

TOUCH Home Care

Ageing Well At Home

Mr Goh Keng Char is 79. He lives alone in a one-room rental flat.

Three years ago, he felt a persistent excruciating pain at his lower back and had to crawl out of his home to get help. He was admitted to a community hospital for seven weeks. After discharging from the hospital, he felt alone and defeated, and attempted to end his life by jumping off the 12th floor of his block. Thankfully, some residents talked him out of it.

He was then referred to TOUCH Home Care (THC) for nursing services as his skin condition was deteriorating due to poor blood circulation. THC's occupational therapist and nurse assessed his home environment and developed a care plan after discussions with Mr Goh. Mr Goh saw light at the end of the tunnel and accepted THC's help to oversee his wound care, meals delivery, therapy sessions and transport services for medical appointments.

With a new determination to improve his condition, Mr Goh responded well to the therapy sessions and was taught how to use a quadstick to walk within the narrow spaces at home. To help him integrate into the community, the occupational therapist prescribed a motorised wheelchair and taught him to ride safely around the neighbourhood.

From being alone and homebound, Mr Goh is now able to go out of his home independently on his motorised wheelchair.

Like Mr Goh, many seniors desire to age in the familiar comforts of their homes. Let's do our part to help them age with dignity because we are One Community.