Arts with a Heart

Arts with a Heart

Caption: Seniors enjoying an interactive art session at the centre

Our lives can become more fulfilling when we give and share. A group of seniors from TOUCH’s active ageing centre at Yishun 162 experienced that when they used their artistic skills to bring cheer to others.

In April 2022, Arts with a Heart was formed to enable seniors to learn not just craft skills, but also to provide opportunities for them to give back to society. Held weekly, some 19 seniors would gather to connect with one another and learn various craft skills together. For example, they handcrafted lovely flowers for Parents Day, benefiting some 60 seniors in the neighbourhood.

“It is quite relaxing to do craft work together when we laugh and chat. I never thought this could be so enjoyable! What makes it so special is seeing what we have produced from the start ending with smiles on the seniors’ faces. I hope more will join us!” said 80-year-old Mdm Boo Sai Kiau, an active participant who intends to volunteer as a befriender.
Caption: Centre staff Ms Denise Liew (left) posing with Mdm Boo Sai Kiau (right)

Parent day (36 of 71)
Caption: Beautiful flowers specially made for seniors on Parents Day

Spreading joy through creative arts
This interest group has also produced 3D NDP flags for seniors and decorations, adding to the celebratory atmosphere at the centre.

“I do not want to just do art and craft and go home. I want to be a giver too. I am glad we could discuss new ideas with the centre staff - to see how we seniors can further contribute to this passion that we have,” added Mdm Boo.

Caption: Celebrating our nation’s birthday through the arts

Caption: Seniors painting their lanterns

Caption: Mdm Boo with her lovely painted lanterns which were used to decorate the centre

In September this year, the seniors started a special appreciation project to thank sponsors. They have also started work on producing key chains and glittery shaky cards in their new collection to bless the needy in the community.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the seniors also helped to decorate the centre with nicely painted lanterns. They were also asked to vote on the most beautiful lantern designs. Held on 5 September 2022, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was attended by some 40 seniors, who were entertained by centre staff as they immersed themselves in the festive spirit.