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Riding to Fight Cancer

Riding to Fight Cancer

With the scorching sun beating down relentlessly on their backs, 35 cyclists braved the intense heat and undulating roads on 7 January 2017 all in the name of charity. The cyclists embarked on the F[I]ght [Can]cer Community Ride at 5am and ended their ride at 7pm back in Singapore after covering an impressive 260km between Singapore and Kluang, Malaysia.

Organised by Velo Velo Singapore, a local cycling retailer and distributor, the F[I]ght [Can]cer Community Ride is part of their F[I]ght [Can]cer campaign which aims to raise $90,000 through sale of limited edition Fight Cancer merchandise, community ride sign-ups, and donations. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards benefitting low-income cancer patients and their families through TOUCH Community Services’ Cancer Support Fund.

To support and contribute to the F[I]ght [Can]cer campaign, please visit