CRuSH Explorer Parents' Kit (for parents of children aged 4-6)

TOUCH Cyber Wellness

CRuSH Explorer Parents' Kit                             (for parents of children aged 4-6)

Children are exposed to digital media and technology at a younger age. With early exposure, cyber wellness education should start early too. It is important to teach good habits and values, and help them make good decisions online to keep themselves safe in the cyber world.

TOUCH Cyber Wellness, a youth service of TOUCH Community Services, is committed to developing quality, age-appropriate cyber wellness programmes for pre-school children and parents.

We are excited to launch the CRuSH Explorer Parents’ Kit consisting of four CRuSH Explorer Story Books, a CRuSH Explorer Activity Book and a Parents' Guidebook to help parents teach good screen-time habits to preschool children (4-6 years old) in the comfort of their homes. Each Kit comprising all six books is priced at SGD45.


Take charge of your child’s digital journey and order your very own CRuSH Explorer Parents' Kit today! We hope this resource will make guiding your child in the digital age easier and more enjoyable.

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