Eating Disorders 101

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Eating Disorders 101

Think you know enough about eating disorders and their signs? Then try out the crossword puzzle below!

Crossword Puzzle


1. Some examples of purging include self-induced ________, taking laxatives and over-exercising.

2. _________ nervosa is a well-known eating disorder involving restriction of food intake.

3. Many people with eating disorders begin experiencing them in their __________.

4. __________ nervosa is an eating disorder involving both binge-eating and purging.



5. Binge-eating involves episodes of __________ and excessive eating.

6. _________ refers to compensatory behaviours that people with eating disorders engage in to prevent weight gain.

7. People with eating disorders have unhealthy perceptions of their body shape and _________.



1. Vomiting
2. Anorexia
3. Adolescence
4. Bulimia
5. Uncontrollable
6. Purging
7. Weight

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