3 Misconceptions - Ageing & Exercise

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3 Misconceptions - Ageing & Exercise

Do you know that by the age of 30 we start losing our muscular mass? This means as you start to age, your muscles may experience a loss in strength and flexibility, increasing your chances from suffering osteoarthritis. This explains why some people, even young adults, find it hard to get up when seated on the floor or after a long movie or may experience joint pains when climbing stairs.

These are common symptoms experienced by people of all ages who do not exercise. The truth is: Older does not mean slower.

Elderly exercisingLet’s clear three common misconceptions:

1) My weight is healthy. There is no need for me to exercise.
- Other than helping with weight management, physical activity also lessens joint pains, prevents bone loss and reduces risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Exercise can also boost memory and prevent dementia. So keep your body moving!

2) It is common for me to experience leg pain as I am old.
- Joint pains can happen to both young and old.  When older people experience weakness and loss of balance, it could sometimes be due to symptoms of inactivity.

3) I should not exercise as I am a wheelchair user and use a walking aid to move around at home.
- Exercise can reduce your chances of a fall as you improve your balance and enjoy healthier joints. You can use your arms to get an aerobic workout and build strength. Even people who are bedridden can find ways to exercise. You can modify your exercises to get around your disability. Consult a therapist.

Start slow and build your exercise routine, bit by bit. You will be amazed by how your body responds when you start exercising!

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This article is contributed by TOUCH Home Care.

TOUCH Home Care (THC) aims to enable the frail elderly live with dignity as they age well at home and in the community. Working closely with TOUCH Caregivers Support (TCG), each elderly client is served in their home by a trans-disciplinary team comprising doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, senior care associates and befrienders. Besides home medical and nursing services, THC’s team also provides housekeeping, personal hygiene services, and escort services for medical appointments. Meals are also delivered daily for lunch and dinner under the Meals-on-Wheels programme.  THC operates out of three centres located in Ang Mo Kio, Jurong West and Toa Payoh. Partnering TCG, THC is actively exploring efficient and sustainable care models through its Community Enablement Project to better meet the current and future needs of Singapore’s rapidly ageing population. In 2017, THC was honoured with the Best Home Care Operator Award at the 5th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards for providing outstanding health and social services that promote ageing-in-place among seniors. Since 2007, 10 of THC’s staff received the Healthcare Humanity Award that is given to outstanding and inspirational healthcare workers who go the extra mile to care for the sick and infirmed.