Coming together

Coming together

Caption: Seniors from TOUCH Cluster Support and TOUCH Senior Activity Centre feeling energised at a lively game session.

Mdm Lee Siew Hiok, 70, broke into an instant smile as she arrived at TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) at Yishun Blk 162. Together with her husband Mr Tan Kim Hway , the couple from TOUCH Cluster Support (TCLS) were there to celebrate dumpling festival with some 38 seniors from TSAC and TCLS.

“I am usually cooped up at home as I have difficulty walking. So if I have a chance to come out, I always look forward to it,” said Mdm Lee who suffers from diabetes, stroke and arthritis, and is cared for by her husband.

The event programme included a fun, interactive game, which made the seniors burst into laughter as they bent their bodies and gestured according to the commands. From strangers, the seniors quickly warmed up to one another and started chatting happily.

Caption: TCLS clients Mdm Lee and Mr Tan feeling happy and relaxed.

“Many of our seniors are from low-income family and have little or no social support. They may feel socially isolated and are prone to depression. Their faces tell it all – the smile of gratitude, the feeling of just being in the presence of other seniors instead of spending their time at home doing nothing,” said Ms Poh Siew Wah, TCLS’ senior social worker.

For volunteers like Ms Jaycee Tan, 58, nothing beats receiving words of encouragement from seniors. “A lot of people need our help. They need our love. These seniors have gone through so much hardships in life and deserve to be cared for. When we volunteer, we should serve with a joyful heart,” said Ms Tan who has been volunteering for a year.

Caption: Volunteer Ms Tan (right) engaging with TCLS seniors Mdm Sharon Yan (middle) and Mdm Toh (left)

Caption: Volunteers joining in the fun and making everyone feel at home at TSAC (Yishun).

TCLS is supported by a team of social workers. Its aim is to enable vulnerable and low income seniors aged 60 and above to age in place with community support by coordinating efforts and serving as a one-stop service point. TCLS and TSAC are services under TOUCH Elderly Group, the arm of TOUCH Community Services that supports the needs of older people.