Did you know that it is an expensive and stressful process for a loved one who need to apply for a Deputyship Order if you lose mental capacity without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place?

Anyone may lose our mental capacity because of dementia, brain injury, stroke, or other causes. While we are still able, we should consider making a LPA to appoint a loved one to act for us - according to our wishes.

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In the absence of a loved one to act on your behalf, and as part of our efforts to provide holistic care to individuals, TOUCH has a pool of Professional Deputies and Donees registered with the Office of Public Guardian. (OPG) whom you can appoint as a proxy decision maker to cover your personal welfare, and property and affairs.

Note: With effect from 1 September 2018, under the Mental Capacity (Registration of Professional Deputies) Regulations 2018, Professional Deputies can act for persons who lose mental capacity (known as 'P') for a fee. Professional deputies must be unrelated to “P”.


TOUCH Professional Donee 

The LPA will kick in when you lose mental capacity. It allows you to plan ahead and appoint someone whom you trust (called a Donee), and who is reliable and competent to make decisions in your best interest based on your wishes and preferences, manage your finances and your welfare when you are unable to do so.

If you do not have a loved one or friend who is willing to take on this role and responsibilities, you can appoint TOUCH as your Professional Donee, who can provide this service.


TOUCH Professional Deputy

For a person who has lost his mental capacity (refer to as P) and does not have a LPA, the Professional Deputy can apply to the Court to act in the best interests of P.

As a Professional Deputy, he/she will act within the power of the court order to carry out the responsibilities to manage P’s Personal Welfare and Property and Affairs for a fee approved by the court.


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Click here for more information on the LPA and the PDD scheme under the Office of Public Guardian.



“I have come across individuals bearing the burden of guilt and anxiety as they had to make quick and difficult decisions for their loved ones. It can be an emotionally draining experience. At the end of the day, I do not want my loved ones to feel stressed over my care. This is why I prefer to appoint TOUCH as my Professional Donee to carry out my wishes and be connected to the whole care network.” - Ms. ST Koh, single, retired mental health counsellor in her 50s

"I see many caregivers feeling stressed over making decisions for their loved ones who have lost mental capacity. This is why I prefer to rely on a trusted party who can provide continuity of service to manage my future care needs." - Ms. SP Chan, single, retired healthcare professional in her 50s