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Welfare & Financial Assistance

Deaf individuals or families in financial distress may approach our social worker for financial assistance. We provide short-term (one-off to 3 months) as well as mid-term (six months to a year) financial assistance to help families to transit over crisis situation such as a loss of income of the main breadwinner in the family. Please WhatApp/SMS us at 9769 4403 to make an appointment with our social worker.

Social Work

We understand that being deaf has its unique challenges. Hence, we provide support to individual clients and families to help them integrate into society. This is done through case management, counselling and guidance, and information and referral services. If you need to see our social worker, please contact us at 9769 4403 to make an appointment.

Emergency SMS Helpline Service for the Deaf

The Emergency SMS Helpline Service is an emergency SMS service that offers persons with hearing loss and/or speech difficulties another avenue for communication with the police (70999) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (70995). TOUCH Silent Club is a partner of this initiative.