Fundraising for Vulnerable Communities #CreativesForGoodSG

By #CreativesForGoodSG to support beneficiaries in need


As the COVID pandemic rages on, the impact can be felt deeply by everyone on both our work and personal lives. Despite the struggles, most of us reading this are lucky enough to not have to worry about our next meal. However, there are many communities of people in Singapore who are much less privileged. They are the low-income families who have lost part or all of their income. And they are the homebound elderly who live alone and depend on social workers to deliver food and other essentials to them. In this challenging period, they need help but may not have voices loud enough to be heard.


So we have gathered as a group of creatives, and would like to appeal to your generosity to raise funds for these vulnerable communities among us. 100% of your donation will go directly to TOUCH Community Services. In turn, for your generosity, each creative will pledge something in kind to you as appreciation. This is entirely out of goodwill and is our way of showing support for this cause. Refer to more details below.


Beneficiaries In Need

TOUCH works with various vulnerable communities in Singapore including 1,500 low-income families and 7,000 homebound elderly. Your donation will help fund various programmes to meet the immediate needs of these groups in this difficult time. These may include providing financial aid to alleviate the loss of income, covering basic living expenses like utilities or medical needs, as well as purchasing/ delivering food and other essential supplies. Any amount donated will go a long way to ensure their wellbeing. Let's stand united to help our local communities through this COVID-19 crisis!


Participating Creatives

Room To Imagine (@roomtoimaginesg)

- For every $50 donation, the donor may collect $10 e-voucher, redeemable for all workshops excluding those in partnership with cafes or other brands.


Splat Paint House (@splatpainthouse)

- For every $30 donation, the donor may collect $5 voucher.


Craft Atelier (@craftateliersg)

- For every $50 donation, the donor may collect $10 voucher, redeemable for all workshops except those by guest instructors.


Mouschi Studio (@mouschistudio)

- For every $20 donation, the donor may collect $5 voucher, redeemable on Natural Pigments & Dyes or Watercolour Workshop only.



Do note that for every donation, you may collect the token of appreciation from ONE of the participating creatives only. Simply email/DM a screenshot of your donation details to the said creative to collect. Terms and conditions may apply on the validity and usage of the vouchers, please check with the creative. For general questions about this fundraising campaign, kindly email [email protected]

Tokens of Appreciation are fulfilled directly by the participating creatives in this campaign. TOUCH appreciates the generosity of the creatives in reaching out to their networks and for promoting charitable giving in this period #strongertogether

Campaign has ended!

Donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.