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In line with TOUCH’s efforts to support ageing in community, the Reablement project was initiated in July 2022 to promote greater ownership in the elderly to manage their own health and reduce reliance on care services. 
Funded by the Tote Board and using a strengths-based approach, this project targets seniors who are at risk of functional decline, and journeys with them and their caregivers to understand mindsets and co-develop strategies to fulfil their personalised goals.
Reablement proactively restores the elderly’s function, to the point where they are able to do all or some aspects of day-to-day tasks safely on their own. Focusing on “doing with” rather than “doing for” the elderly, this care approach empowers them to become more independent, confident and enjoy a better quality of life.  
This 12-week early intervention programme is led by a Reablement care coordinator and supported by a multi-disciplinary team comprising an occupational therapist, physiotherapist and a registered nurse. 


Key benefits

  • Time-based intensive intervention programme
  • Empowers elderly to take an active role in the recovery process
  • Dedicated team trained in behavioural change techniques and learning strategies
  • Optimises elderly's strengths and potential to do everyday tasks
  • Provides customised training for elderly and caregivers in home and external environment
  • Leverages elderly's internal and external resources to build sustainable care networks and solutions
  • Tracks progress, and provides health coaching and psycho-social support
  • Subsidies available

Please contact us at 6804 6555 or email us at [email protected] for more information.