Our Services

We are a multi-service organisation providing services to meet various levels of needs in the community.


Children Group

We believe that every child deserves a chance to fulfil their highest potential.


Family Group

We are passionate about strong marriages and families, the foundation of society.



Special Needs Group

We help persons with special needs overcome their challenges and gain independence.


Youth Group

Bursting with drive and enthusiasm, youths can be challenged for greatness.

Elderly Goup

Elderly Group

We care for seniors to give them a better quality of life. Find out about our Community Enablement Project where we develop our residents and stakeholders as community resources to help seniors age in place. We have also set up TOUCHpoint News online and on WhatsApp to enable seniors to access useful resources to help them stay active physically and mentally.


Healthcare Support Group

We help build a community of care and support to individuals and families affected by diabetes.