Strengthening Your Marriage

Perhaps more challenging than marrying the person you love is to love the person you marry. Building a happy and fulfilling married life demands time, effort and commitment.

TOUCH Marriage Support provides the following programmes that help couples lay a strong foundation for a life-long marriage:

Marriage Check-In

Over time, couples tend to lose the ability or desire to talk about or enrich their relationship when they get overwhelmed by responsibilities related to parenting, career, family, health and life transitions, impacting the vibrancy of their marital relationship.

That is why every marriage will benefit from a periodic check-in.

We offer a Marriage Check-In using the evidence-based PREPARE ENRICH Relationship Assessment inventory to reignite companionship, romance, and commitment in your relationship with a group workshop for an overview and understanding of the PE Assessment.

During the workshop, our trained facilitators will help to:

  • Learn about your relationship strengths;
  • Have a better understanding of your relationship dynamics;
  • Have better clarity of each other's personality through the SCOPE personality scales;
  • Gain understanding of flexibility and connections of the Family & Couple Maps.

Who should attend?

Married couples with the first check-in before the fifth year of marriage and subsequently, at various life stage changes (e.g. becoming new parents).

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Building Connections, Celebrating Marriage

Building Connections, Celebrating Marriage is a booster event designed to bring the sparks alive to marriages & to help married couples gain new insights into their marital relationship. An activity-based event with private moments for you & spouse to enjoy a meaningful and wonderful couple time as you recommit to one another.

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Feedback from past participants

“Every couple should attend this workshop to enrich their marriage!”
“This workshop has helped us to reconnect with each other. It has touched us deeply.”
“Very practical. Reminded me of how to be sensitive to my spouse.”
“Very good hands-on activities, keep up the good work!”

PE Remarriage Enrichment Programme PE 婚姻关系成长与操练课程

Getting married or getting remarried can be both an intimidating and exciting new chapter in your life. It is a decision that requires thought and consideration. Nonetheless, remarriages can be successful if couples have an understanding of what this may bring. This is also an enrichment programme for couples who are remarried.

The purpose of the program is support and help couples under the dynamics of a remarriage through the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment, a relationship inventory that provides a personalized snapshot of your relationship with objective results to give clearer understanding of yourselves and your relationship.

The programme will help couples to:

1. Identify their relationship strengths
2. Provide a better understanding of the underlying dynamics impacting their communication
3. Address issues that may arise in remarriage
4. Develop skills to improve their growth areas
5. Understand and work on how to address issues in remarriages such as parenting and step-parenting and finance

Who can benefit from this programme?

  • Couples who plan to remarry or are remarried


  • S$850.20 w/GST per couple for weekday day time slot and $937.40 w/GST for weekday evening (6pm onwards) slot
  • Duration: 8 hours (sessions to be arranged)
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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Practice

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work was developed by Dr Gottman with four decades of research with more than 3,000 couples. During the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Practice workshop, you and your spouse will learn to:

  • Develop and deepen your Love Maps (know each other better).
  • Foster fondness and admiration for each other.
  • Facilitate turning towards each other to build up each other’s “Emotional Bank Account”.
  • Accept each other’s influence.
  • Manage conflicts by solving the solvable problems.
  • Manage conflicts by overcoming unresolvable gridlock.
  • Create shared meaning as partners.

Format: 2-hour online session once a week over a period of 8 weeks
Registration: S$54.50 w/GST per person
All participants will purchase his/her own copy of "The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work" for the workshop. Workshop fee does not include the cost of the book.
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