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Torn Asunder Programme

A step by step affair recovery programme for couples who want to salvage their marriage after infidelity. Click here to find out more.

Marriage Mentoring Programme (MMP)

Intentional marriage mentoring plays a significant role in helping couples develop lasting, loving marriages. Research has shown that building a strong foundation during the first five years of marriage will help prepare the couple for this lifelong journey.

MMP provides couples with an intentional support environment, which is both life-skills learning and lifestyle modelling, with the objective of strengthening marriage relationships at various life stages. The MMP is a network that is built into our various programmes where couples are supported by trained marriage mentors and with practical life-skills learning in the course of the programme.

For enquiries or to make an appointment, you may wish to contact us at 6709 8400 or email [email protected].

Journey to Intimacy (JTI) Support Groups

The Journey to Intimacy curriculum is based on 30 years of empirical clinical researches, that integrates a set of practical and interactive behavioural and experiential relationships repairing exercises. The program consists of topics that aims to promote mutual understanding in relationships, emotion management and healthy personality. The emphasis of the curriculum is on personal development and self-growth. The program is open to individuals and couples.

Duration: 10 sessions, two hours each. Sessions will be conducted in group setting.
Fees: S$100/- per pax, inclusive of 7% GST.

For enquiries or to make an appointment, you may wish to contact us at 6709 8400 or email [email protected].

After divorce group work | 离婚后单身人士工作坊group work (6小时)

所有经历过离婚事件冲击人士,透过学习和实践,你将获得一个机会,重新检视离婚事件对现时生活的冲击与影响,可以有机会真正放下、面向未来与您的前配偶/家庭成员/ 朋友的关系,培养更大的自尊和自信,思考新的关系: 约会和交往。


工作坊形式: 小班制,3-6人左右。(以报名顺序为准)


  • (1)最近五年内的离婚人士
  • (2)面谈:报名参加工作坊人士,需提前面见辅导员,接受一次半小时的面谈,以了解参加者的基本情况、期待与愿景

费用: 每人$200 (包括消费税)

报名参加办法:致 电6709 8400 或 电邮 [email protected].

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