TOUCH Ubi Hostel (TUH) offers a stay-in residential programme for adults with mild intellectual disabilities. Located in a housing estate, it provides an excellent training ground for the trainees to experience communal living with a flat-mate in a simulated environment.


Based on a client-centered approach, TUH seeks to provide a competency-based training programme to prepare clients for independent living in the community and for open employment. Upon completion, the clients will be able to return to their families with the acquired daily living skills and sustained employment, thus posing minimal inconvenience and burden on the family or caregiver.



To improve their quality of life, we conduct enrichment programmes such as visual arts, sports and recreational activities. Many of the clients have won awards/prizes at art, athletics and sports competitions.
We help trainees with exceptional talents to hone their artistic skills. At TOUCH SpecialCrafts, we showcase their works through direct sales, auctions and charity fairs, and provide employment for those who are artistically inclined.

At TUH, we provide advanced training in daily living, personal and social skills; pre-employment training, placement and support. To prepare the trainees for employment, we also set up the 301 Thrift Mart in 2003 to help them develop good work habits as well as cognitive and social skills. As part of the enrichment programme, community service, sports, performing arts and recreational activities are organised regularly.
Using the Mediated Learning Experience approach, our training philosophy and methodology aims to help the young adults with mild intellectual disabilities to become better learner and to empower them for employment and independent living.

Engaged 141 trainees and Continuous Support Programme members in 2022

14 trainees engaged some 50 pre-school children to raise awareness and foster inclusiveness with persons with intellectual disabilities

10 trainees went through 10 sessions of Equine Therapy to build self-confidence and social and communication skills

TOUCH Ubi Hostel
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