Home Front Web Series: Learning About Screens Together

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Home Front Web Series: Learning About Screens Together

The Home Front web series by TOUCH Integrated Family Group aims to help family members better connect with one another during the Circuit Breaker, strengthen family and marital bonds, and provide resources for parents to better guide their children through this challenging time.

In this episode, we explore the topic of screen time and provide both you and your child(ren) the opportunity to learn together through facilitated discussions and activities. This episode is crafted to suit children in the preschool to lower primary level. However, older children will benefit from the content as well.

You can access the episode here.

This episode comes with a downloadable handout that allows you to have a more meaningful time of learning and discussion with your child(ren). You are encouraged to download the handout and have a look at how you can plan the session in advance before watching it with your child(ren).   

You can download the handout here

If you are a parent of an older child (upper primary and above), we are planning a complimentary interactive webinar for both parent-child to attend on the same topic. If you are interested, do click here and help us as we work out the details of the webinar.

We wish you a fruitful and meaningful time bonding with your family through this episode!


TOUCH Integrated Family Group (TIFG) is TOUCH Community Service's newest service group, set up in January 2020. TIFG focuses on Family Resources to help families cope with different stressors along their life course, transition of roles in Family Transitions, Relationships & Growth, and building Family Resilience. The group is made up of service pillars such as 'TOUCH Children & Youth', 'TOUCH Family Life' and 'TOUCH Family Enablement'.

With TOUCH's multi-service experience in meeting the needs of disadvantaged children, youth-at-risk and vulnerable families since 1992, TIFG aims to equip families with resources and enable them to build resilience. This is done through an integrated suite of services to support the family as a unit, with emphasis on education, intervention and advocacy.