Let Us Be "A. P.RO" in Parent Self Care

By Galvin SNG

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Galvin SNG
Activity Details
  • Online (Zoom Meeting)
  • 16 Apr 2022

While there are many evidence-based approaches and strategies out there proven to be able to help us in nurturing our children, we may not be able to apply them effectively if we do not possess the mental and emotional capacities to do so especially through our children’s difficult behaviours. Join us as we explore how we can better take care of our children as we take care of ourselves as their parents.
Through this workshop, we hope that participants can:
 Identify stressors and triggers in their lives that could get in the way of effective parenting
 Be equipped with strategies to lessen and manage the identified stressors and triggers
 Be encouraged in seeking out connections and resources that would help foster parental self-care
About the Presenter:
Galvin has been involved in youth work since 2002, possessing 16 years of professional working experience in the area of youth counselling, mentoring and teaching. He has also reached out to more than 15,000 parents and educators thus far through various speaking and training platforms since 2015, both locally and beyond.
He is known for his down-to-earth and light-hearted approach in his engagements, employing humour and real-life examples to bring across pertinent learning points. He seeks to enthuse, empower and encourage parents towards building strong families and nurturing confident and well-adjusted children.
Galvin has a Masters in Social Science and is a certified Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) trainer.
16 April 2022 (Saturday)
9:30am to 11:00am (Singapore Time)
This complimentary session is suitable for all parents and caregivers, and has been made possible by the generous giving of past participants and members of public.
This session is also part of our ‘Acts of Giving’ - a series of events organised in conjunction with TOUCH’s 30th Anniversary celebrations.
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