TOUCH Diabetes Support’s (TDS) member Patrick, who was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2009, used to indulge in all sorts of unhealthy food, and led a sedentary lifestyle. It was only when his diabetes condition deteriorated that he knew he had to change his life around for the sake of his family.

“In 2013, I found out that my diabetes had become more severe. My children were still young, and I am the sole bread winner of my family. If anything happened to me, what would my wife and kids do? How could I not spare a thought for my family? It was then that I had a wakeup call and decided it was high time I turned my life around permanently. Read More » I had to take my medication regularly and change my lifestyle. I had to be responsible as the head of the household and take care of my family. I started doing some online research to find out more about diabetes. I then came across the TDS website. I called TDS soon after to find out how they could advise me about my condition. The staff were nice and friendly and gave me the information that I needed. Through TDS’ programmes, I have gotten to know many other members from all walks of life. With their support, encouragement and advice, I am now leading a healthy lifestyle and am no longer the man I used to be.

I am so glad and thankful to the TDS community for helping me to manage my diabetes. I have indeed benefitted a lot and feel more alive now that I have a healthier body. I no longer have a beer belly and can even outrun some of my friends!”

– Patrick, Type 2 Diabetes


TOUCH Diabetes Support’s (TDS) member Gina was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2014, when she was 16. From being clueless and embarrassed of her condition initially, Gina has since taken control of her diabetes and no longer hides her condition. She continues to live positively.

“When I was first diagnosed, it was not easy for me as I did not expect that to happen and I was clueless about my health condition. As someone who loved eating, it was really hard for me to control my diet as I had to force myself to stop eating and drinking my favourite snacks and beverages. I did not dare to tell many of my classmates or friends about my condition, except for my close friends who came to visit me. Read More »

Ever since I joined TDS, I became more positive and open about my condition as I realised that I am not the only young person diagnosed with diabetes. I am still able to lead a healthy and normal life if I manage my condition well!  Now, I will normally jab my insulin in public without being bothered about other people’s response. I also openly share about my condition with my new classmates and friends in school without hesitation.”

– Gina, Type 1 Diabetes